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Trivent Enterprises, founded by Ajith Romio, began as a small-scale operation with a focus on telecalling to generate business leads. Initially, the company utilized a team of five telecallers who reached out to potential clients through cold calling. This case study explores the significant transformation Trivent Enterprises underwent by shifting from traditional telecalling to a digitized marketing approach, leading to improved efficiency and increased sales.

The Initial Phase

In its early stages, Trivent’s approach was straightforward. Telecallers would cold call numbers sourced from various databases, and approximately 5% of these calls resulted in a positive response for quotations. These leads were then passed on to a manager who crafted personalized quotations based on client requirements. The conversion rate at this stage was around 10%, meaning one in ten of these leads resulted in a sale after follow-up from the sales manager.

Digital Transformation

Recognizing the limitations of this traditional method, Ajith decided to digitize the business’s marketing efforts. This strategic move involved partnering with a digital marketing company, marking a significant shift in how Trivent Enterprises approached lead generation and sales.

Innovative Strategies and Outcomes

  1. Content Marketing through Reels: The creation of engaging reel videos showcasing the benefits of customized uniform T-shirts was a key strategy. These were targeted to a specific audience, encouraging them to visit Trivent’s website and request an instant quote.

  2. Automated Quotation System: Upon visiting the site and specifying their requirements (like the number of pieces and material type), visitors were redirected to a thank-you page. This automation led to two crucial customer experiences:

    • Instant Quotation Delivery: Customers received an instant quotation on their WhatsApp and email. Additionally, a telecaller would promptly call them to ensure they checked these platforms for the quotation.
    • Engagement and Follow-Up: Customers were then exposed to a variety of work photos and testimonial videos from Trivent, acting as an automated follow-up system and nudging them towards making a payment for their orders.

Conclusion and Impact

This digital transformation fundamentally altered the sales process at Trivent Enterprises. The shift to digital marketing not only improved the quality of leads but also increased the conversion rates significantly. By automating various stages of the marketing and sales process, Trivent managed to streamline operations and enhance customer engagement effectively. This case study demonstrates how digitalization can revolutionize traditional business models, leading to greater efficiency and success.

  • Date: October 7, 2023
  • Client: Trivent Enterprises
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