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With 7 years at HAT Innovations and prior roles at HDFC Bank and UAE Exchange, I offer a blend of traditional banking expertise and digital innovation strategies.
From entrepreneurs to job seekers, I offer tailored training modules that not only elevate technical skills but also provide insights into today's digital business landscape.
excel in content creation, social media management, email marketing, and payment gateway integration, providing clients and trainees with comprehensive digital education.

Training Programs

Digital Business 2.0 Mastery

Elevate your business game in the digital world, encompassing everything from customer avatars to business automation, ensuring you're ahead in the digital business landscape.

EDGE Offline Edition

Dive deep into digital transformation strategies in this offline 6-day intensive program. From content creation to advanced digital automation techniques, get hands-on experience and insights to reshape your business.

EDGE GCC Edition

Strategically shape your business's digital transformation journey with content creation, social media marketing, and state-of-the-art digital automation techniques.

Work from Home Earn from Home

Unlock the art of digital marketing from the comfort of your home. Gain practical skills and industry insights to propel your digital marketing career forward.

DM Career Kickstarter

Up-skill and acquaint yourself with cutting-edge digital technologies and strategies, ensuring you stand out in the competitive job market or facilitate a smooth job transition.


Step-by-step guidance to monetize your expertise. Learn the art of creating, promoting, and selling online courses effectively, tapping into the vast online learning market.


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